Pack walk 

Pack walks begin with pick ups from the house, followed by the hour long group walk where we focus on leash manners, socialization, as well as mental and physical work. We also practice calm socialization and boundaries while in the car for pick up and drop offs. Walks are scheduled on a consistent weekly basis (minimum of 1 day/week). Dogs enrolled in pack walks can also schedule free leash and training sessions.

$35 / Day 


Daycare provides a social environment for dogs to learn how to play and relax in a balanced and natural state. During their stay at daycare, every dog also joins our hour long structured pack walks.

$50 / Day


We offer a comfortable stress-free boarding environment for the dogs enrolled in our Pack Walks where we can continue their walks and training from our home. Boarding includes pick ups, drop offs, and for dogs staying over 3 nights - a bath!

$75 / 24 Hours