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INU is the Japanese word for dog

INU'S focus is to offer balanced pack walks for dogs in a safe and structured environment. Between previous work as a pack leader and first hand experience with aggressive behavior, our philosophy is to remove the complication of human interpretation we often have with our dogs. We seek to influence our pack mentally rather than physically. We set clear boundaries and lead our dogs with calm and assertive energy rather than relying on commands, advertised tools or force. INU wants to ensure that each pack member feels comfortable and fulfilled during our walk. 

Through a dogs progress in the pack, as well as offering an education to owners, we hope our work can translate to a deeper relationship and trust between you and your dog. Dogs are pack animals and can learn exponentially faster from their fellow canines so we approach training from a dog's instinctual level. Whether you're looking for socialization or exercise, INU is excited to welcome your dog to our pack. 

INU is owned by the two pack leaders, Lindsey Schulz and George Peaslee. Currently servicing Malibu, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks. 

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Pack walk 

Pack walks begin with pick ups from the house, followed by the hour long group walk where we focus on leash manners, socialization, as well as mental and physical work. We also practice calm socialization and boundaries while in the car for pick up and drop offs. Walks are scheduled on a consistent weekly basis (minimum of 1 day/week). Dogs enrolled in pack walks can also schedule free leash and training sessions.

$35 / Day 


We offer a comfortable stress-free boarding environment for the dogs enrolled in our Pack Walks where we can continue their walks and training from our home. Boarding includes pick ups, drop offs, and a bath. 

$75 / Night 

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Want your dog to join INU? 


Update: We currently have a short wait list to join our program. We are always excited to have new pack members, but take the time to integrate each dog at their own rate to create a safe environment. Please contact us to reserve your pup's spot. 

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If you have an aggressive dog, we highly recommend working with Brandon Fouche.

For enrolling your dog in a structured day care, contact Gary Cassera of Canine Social Club.

For pack services near Denver, CO contact our close friend at The Circle Pack

If you live in Los Angeles (Echo Park to Santa Monica) and want your dog to join a pack, please check out The Healing Pack