INU is the Japanese word for dog

INU offers balanced pack walks for dogs in a safe and structured environment. Whether you need help with aggression or are looking for a consistent program for your puppy, our pack walks are created to influence each dog hormonally, emotionally, and mentally rather than physically.

Instead of relying on obedience commands (Sit, Stay, Place), commercial tools (E-collar, Prong, etc), or force, we choose to change how a dog FEELS in their environment. We often overlook how our routine and relationship is affecting our dogs, and while most trainers will focus on correcting the dogs’ symptoms, our dogs are only reacting honestly to the reality we create for them. How can we expect our dogs to change until we change for them?

While the pack helps each dog in their process, we also spend time educating each owner to develop a new understanding of their dog. This work will translate to a deeper bond between you and your dog. Whether you're looking for socialization or exercise, INU is excited to welcome your dog to our pack. 

We understand this is a lot of information, if you’re interesting and would like to talk further, we would love to hear from you!

INU is owned by the two pack leaders, Lindsey Schulz and George Peaslee. Currently servicing Sebastopol, CA. (Our Malibu route is now being managed by our dear friend Elisa of The Dog Hiking Club)